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talking "beowulf"

The parallels between Beowulf and cultural Rohan never cease to boggle my mind. It's soooo cool. Tolkien is the world's wisest thief, for sure.

Here's some junk that stirs my brain:

- Rohan has the Eorlingas. Beowulf has the Brodingas and the Helmingas.

- The manner of Theoden's death in The Battle of the Pelennor Fields is very much like Beowulf's own death against the dragon. Theoden gets help from Eowyn, and Beowulf from Wiglaf.

- Sword-naming is so cool! Beowulf has Naegling and Hrunting. Gandalf has Glamdring. Theoden has Herugrim. And Eomer has Guthwine.

- Bilbo and Beowulf. Twelve people each (the twelve apostles no doubt being the antecedent). Meeting fate with a dragon.

- Here's a quote of Hrothgar's from Beowulf: "Thus I ruled the Ring-Danes for a hundred half-years under the skies, and protected them in war with spear and sword against many nations over middle-earth, so that I counted no one as my adversary underneath the sky's expanse. Well, disproof of that came to me in my own land, grief after my joys, when Grendel, ancient adversary, came to invade my home."

... yes, that's right. He said "middle-earth." Can we change his name to Gandalf now? Please?

Oh my goodness. I could go on and on.
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